Winters are here!

Winters have finally arrived! The best season among all …A time to relax, take it easy in life , cuddle & cozy up to all things fuzzy & warm ! But,  Low temperatures & dry weather can be our skin’s worst nightmare! Nobody wants a dry, itchy , irritated skin that stops you from enjoying this beautiful season! Don’t worry… The bubble factory’s winter range of skincare products have your back! Our no. one best sellers ,our iconic  luxurious body butters are here! Made with only plant butters like Kokum, Mango & Shea that not only moisturise but also nourish & protect your skin from the harshness of the weather. We have formulated these body butters with an amazing blends of essential oils like Wild Rose + Lavender for that calm soothing aroma, Peppermint + Himalayan Pine needle for its amazing clarifying, uplifting, and invigorating effect and last but not the least Cinnamon & Himalayan Cedar wood essential oil for its  ability to relax the body, decrease hyperactivity, ease tension, clear the mind, and encourage the onset of quality sleep! If Christmas had a flavour or a fragrance it would be this!

This season also calls in for a pain-relief balm to ease joint pains & sore muscles that cause such distress. We bring to you our signature pain -relief balm called Sore-No-More! Made with a powerful blend of essential oils of pure wintergreen, ginger , clove , Lavender & Peppermint. Wintergreen & ginger EO’s are known for their analgesic & pain reliving properties for centuries. Clove, Lavender & peppermint calm & sooth the distressed nerve endings.The formulation is completely chemical free & such effective that it will be addictive!

For this time of the year, we have also put together a lovely blend of mild powdered dry clays  that can be doubled up as face packs as well as a mild face wash. Available in 3 varieties to take care of a wide range of wintery skin problems!

How can a winter range be complete without a lovely bar of HANDMADE soap! so this winters we bring to you a lovely soap called Butter-Me-Up! all handmade with only plant butters of Mango, Shea , Kokum & Full of nourishing coconut oil that maintains a protective skin barrier . A steamy hot bath with this lovely butter soap … is this not happiness?!?

Last but not the least all our signature hand creams, lip balms & lip tints are available all year round but of utmost importance in this weather!

So…wishing you all a happy, itch-free winter & a merry Christmas!