Summer-is-to-slay Collection

Welcome to our summer sass, stocked with our seasonal stars made with fresh herbs & tonics ! We have named our summer collection as #SUMMERISTOSLAY ! And why not, the blazing sun & the crisp heat should be reason for a natural, holistic & an anti-bacterial cleanse of our surroundings! Make the most of this season with these delicate yet TOXIN-FREE range of products, which we are so confident that won’t let you down. Each ingredient picked to make these products has been carefully selected for their LOCAL tropical origin, skin soothing, anti-irritation & anti-sun benefit!

    • STAR DUST, A soothing Body-cum-face dusting powder made with an aromatic, Soothing & odour-eliminating  blend of herbs like vetiver, cinnamon, rose petals , kaolin clay , peppermint & orange essential oils to give you that zesty freshness all day long! We are proud to make this TALC-FREE dusting powder which has zero chemicals , fillers & preservatives! 
    • Miracle Mist , a face mist in  ROSE & VETIVER & TEA-TREE & LAVENDER flavours for the DRY & SUN IRRITATED skin & OILY SKIN type respectively. These are genies packed in amber bottles! Made from the super beneficial hydrosols of Indian rose, Vetiver grass, Tea-Tee & frankincense. They make the best hydration first aid kit for your skin, when you just can’t avoid going in that harsh blazing sun! 
    • This fiery season called for a challenge to get the best performing formula out for a superb vitamin C day cream, called the C & SUN !  & a luxurious niacin amide night cream called the DREAM-CREAM! These two powerful vitamins are the current global favourites when its sun-damage , hyper-pigmentation & sun stressed skin issues we are talking about. So how could THE BUBBLE FACTORY not give you an effective yet affordable product!
    • A nourishing body oil called RESET for a quick massage & an instant shot of hydration for a relaxing abhyang snaan  (holistic bath) .It has a powerful blend of herbs infused in it that will keep that glow radiating.
    • A non-greasy hand cream to calm your hands of the irritation caused by continuous sanitisation.
    • Last but not the least is our FLUFF! a surfactant based whipped cream soap that works as a mild scrub & comes with a choice of your exfoliant like pink salt/sugar/walnut shell powder/Ubtan to illuminate that stubborn tan in a whoop!

    Thank you tons for making our SHAMPOO BARS such a hit in no time ! A first of a kind concept which is quite a trend on the sustainability charts for their 100% plastic-free nature. It is a solid , surfactant based shampoo bar which mildly cleanses you hair without stripping them off their natural oils . Like all our products they don’t contain any harmful formaldehyde. parabens & sulphates. They are extremely travel-friendly & last for eons. All the goodness of plant butters & Essential oils packed in a puck of soap! For the new comers, Thank us after you use one!

    For any customisation & bulk ordering please drop your enquiry on

    We thoroughly enjoyed making these wonderful products in our soap studios , hoping that you love them too ! Stay hydrated & munch on the amazing local fruits for their natural anti-oxidants & keep cool !  Till the dark clouds gather its Chao Chao 🙂 !