with Niacin-amide & N-AcetylGlucomide

Dream Cream – Vitamin enriched night cream


Throughout the day, our skin plays a defensive role, protecting itself from a multitude of external aggressors. When we sleep, our skin is equally active, working to repair the damage caused during the day and renew itself. This formulation is made with pure mango butter & soothing rose hydrosol , which is rich in vitamin A , C & E. The emulsion helps in conditioning your skin, makeing it smooth, supple and improving its overall health and appearance. A powerful combination of 4% niacinamide strength along with a 2% N-AG makes this skin soufflé’ an ultimate night cream ! A perfect balance of natural care & science.

It also strengthens the skin’s natural protective barrier, which helps your skin retain moisture, prevents damages and drying out which are the primary factors contributing to wrinkles, fine lines & hyperpigmentation. it smells heavenly and has a decadent, easy to-absorb texture that feels like a dream (and that’s why the name)!

Product Weight : 40g

Additional Information

Ingredients – Rose hydro-sol, distilled water,  Mango butter, Emulsifying wax NF, Stearic Acid, Cetyl Alcohol , Pharmacy grade Niacin amide 4% strength ,N-acetyl glucosamine (N-AG) 2% strength, EHG-PE-8911, Lavender EO, Fragrance oil.

Direction of Usage – use liberally on a cleansed, toned face, neck and/or hands at bed-time.






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