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Berry Barrel – Body Moisturiser


A berry-full blend of cranberry & fig fragrance oils make this lotion so wonderfully fragrant , that it will brighten up any dull day & will leave your skin looking healthy & beautiful. Daily usage helps in relief to itchiness & dryness. We use authentic,  cold pressed oils like sesame , sweet almond oil with a dash of shea butter to make this love potion for your skin! its suitable for wearing all day on hands & body!

Product Weight : 80g

Additional Information

Ingredients – Distilled water, Emulsifying wax NF, Vegetable base stearic acid, cold pressed sesame oil, edible grade organic cocoa butter, Kokum butter, Almond oil,Infused Cranberries, Phenoxyethanol, Cranberry Fragrance oil.

Direction of Usage – Take the required amount & apply to hands , limbs or any part of the body which feels dry & itchy. It can be used on the entire body daily or even more frequently if required.






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