Miracle mist – Tea tree & Lavender with lemon – Face mist for oily, acne prone skin


So, what is a face mist, anyway? If you’re not familiar with them, face mists are liquids that you mist/spray onto your skin via a spray bottle. With their increasing popularity, face mists are definitely a convenient way to give your skin an extra boost and improve your makeup game.

Besides its versatility the best thing about face mist is the instant gratification factor. One spritz, and right away your skin looks dewier, plumper and brighter.Acting as a natural toner, a face mist can also help take down redness, calm irritation and replenish lost moisture caused by the harsh summer climate.

This wonderful face Mist is made with some of the most effective plant-based hydro-sols  like Lavender & tea-tree, which are best known for their therapeutic properties for oily/acne-prone skin. A 100% chemical free formula & a blend of natural essential oils like lemon, orange & peppermint make this mist a zesty cool-dink for your facial skin!

Weight 80 g

Additional Information

Ingredients – Tea Tree Hydro-sol, Lavender Hydro-sol , Lemon essential oil, Indian orange  essential oil, Peppermint essential oil, Sweet lime Fragrance oil.

Directions of use: Damp skin acts like a sponge, quickly absorbing any products you put on it. So if you want to maximise the performance of your lotions, creams and face oils, try using them on top of a layer of this face mist.






Product Reviews

I have used a lot of products from the bubble factory, like the lip balms and lip tint has been used by my wife, charcoal soaps, handmade soaps and even had gifted a lot of “pamper box” last diwali to my office colleagues. The products are skin friendly and the response to those whom I gift and from my family’s side is definitely positive. The best part is that the products are chemical free and are hand made, which means they r made as per order, that’s what makes the products from the bubble factory special. Recently had ordered  Hair mask / hair conditioner – damage destroyer and moroccon red clay face pack. The results are absolutely stunning. The prices are genuinely priced and I did not had to shell out more for premium products. The bubble factory is definitely my first choice for all my bath n body needs.

Prateek Bhatnagar
Teamgrowth Pvt. Ltd. – Additional Director

Dear Bubble Factory,
I have been your customer for almost 4 yrs now & have used a variety of your soaps.
Along with good diet, exercise, I certainly believe in relying on good products for my skin. Having said so, products with least amount of chemicals. I have used numerous soaps from you & absolutely love them all ! Special mention of your charcoal soap ,as its a great skin detox after a long day of work.Your body butters and lip balm are great too!
I find your rates extremely pocket friendly as compared to most of the brands that market their products to be naturally made. I also appreciate your environment friendly way of packaging the products.

Nupur Valke
Senior Business Consultant

My personal favorate out of all your products is the hair mask.  It helped me a lot. Before using it, my hairs weren’t having smoothness, it helped me to make my hair soft, strong and silky. The fragrance of the hair mask is also one of the factors that makes the hair mask my favorate. I have used many body lotions, but none of them lasted as longer as your lotion lasts and it also makes my skin soft.

Rajlakshmi Patil
Homemaker & MPSC Aspirant

Cosmetics are very close to a girl’s heart and there is always a brand that she trusts blindly. For me it’s THE BUBBLE FACTORY. I’ve been using their products since many years now, their soaps, body butters, lip balms, face clays have always proved to be suitable to my skin. Especially the face clay, I have a very oily skin and acne n the French green clay helps reduce both.

Swarali Gore

Rarely do you get a chance to be a part of the journey of a beautiful venture like The Bubble factory from its beginning. Their journey has been astounding! I loved the soaps then and I’m loving the soaps and their new range of products more than ever! The new entrant in their range ‘the hair mask’ and the ‘face packs’ have stolen the hearts of everyone in my family!

Apoorva and Pranav are upping their game at every step!

Cudos to team Bubble factory! Keep up the good work and keep rolling out more amazing products!

Dr. Dipti Chavan
MD Pediatrics Neurologist

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