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PAIN of any form is the most traumatising experience, and we wish no one suffers any pain for any amount of time! A heartbreak is something we can’t mend! but for a sore muscle pain or a joint ache we definitely have your back covered! We present to you our labor of love… the sore-no-more pain relief balm , which is a 100% chemical free formula made from only Kokum butter & coconut oil. A relieving blend of essential oils of Wintergreen, Clove , Lavender , Ginger & peppermint make it a perfect balm for minor pains & aches.We have also added some cinnamon powder to the balm which is a natural muscle relaxant.

Wintergreen & Ginger Oil’s analgesic properties are well known to soothe and reduce aches as well as inflammation. It also helps in calming hurting nerve ends.

Product Weight : 60g

9 in stock

Additional Information

Ingredients – Coconut oil, Kokum butter, Cinnamon powder, Menthol crystals, Wintergreen eo, Ginger, Clove, Lavender, Peppermint essential oil.

Direction of Usage – Apply on affected area. Rub the balm into the skin. Recommended to use before going to bed.

Statutory Warning : Wintergreen essential oil is a potent analgesic, please avoid use of this product if you are taking any medications for blood thinners. Pregnant women should avoid using wintergreen eo in any dosage rate. This products also contains cinnamon bark powder , please check for any allergies from the ingredients before use.






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