20/12/2020 a good date to write a farewell note to an antagonist (here it’s the year 2020), which taught us the best lessons for life!


When we all welcomed 2020 on the midnight of December 31st of 2019, little did we know that we were heading for one nightmarish year ahead! One of the toughest years mankind has faced & are still learning to live with it.The COVID-19 virus came like a speed breaker on a smooth highway where we (the humans) were high on our materialistic pleasures. Leaving a footprint of trash all along the way & abusing our natural resources like there’s no tomorrow! A microscopic virus put the perspective back for many of us (hopefully!). It taught us the basics of being content, happy & resourceful in what we have ! It helped us thoroughly understand the thin line between NEED & GREED! It was a tough year for everyone , no doubt , but the lessons it taught were immense in-terms of value, if we have taken the time out to understand the subtle ways of life!

We are a small business , where it is still about passion & devotion than bottom & top-line! Where your employees are family & vendors your well wishers. This year tested everyone for their grit & I thank god that both my employees & vendors were a blessing in disguise !

Lastly, YOU , the customer. We are nothing without YOU & everything with YOU by our side! It’s your love & affection that manifested into orders that kept our engines running & put the oil in our lamp when all we could see was darkness! we fall short of ways to show our gratitude to YOU!

As we say good bye to this roller coaster year called 2020 , in a few days from now, we promise to serve you in the best possible way & bring some exciting products which are fresh, fun but safe too, in the new year! And we are extremely positive of the fact that the next decade is of ‘EVERYTHING HANDMADE!’ Because, any HANDMADE good is LOVE & DEDICATION taking a physical form , and that’s what our planet needs, to stay vibrant for a billion years more! So choose HANDMADE choose LOVE!