D-Tan : Powdered FaceWash/FacePack


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We take pride in presenting to you the best range of face clays that are a dry mixture of some very powerful herbs & clays!

D-Tan is a face clay that can be used for an extremely tanned , hyper pigmented , rash prone skin type that is giving you sleepless nights! Made with the a powerful combination of Pink Calamine clay, Kaolin clay, Fuller’s earth, Liquorice powder, orange peel powder & soothing pure sandalwood powder , helps in natural , chemical less depigmentation!

Pink calamine is well known for its soothing properties. Any sun damage can be neutralised using the pink calamine clay.  Fuller’s earth & orange peel powder absorbs excessive oil, Liquorice powder gives that beautiful glowing blush  & sandalwood calms any rash, helping your skin feel less irritated !

Also, we pack these clays in eco-friendly paper tubs for our promise to go plastic free!

Product Weight : 35g

10 in stock

Additional Information

Ingredients : Pink calamine clay, Kaolin clay, Fuller’s earth, liquorice powder, orange peel powder, Pure sandalwood powder, lavender essential oil.

Direction of Usage : Take the required amount of dry clay separately, wet it with water/milk/rose water . Use on affected areas of face except the skin around your eyes. Can be used on other affected skin area go the body. Allow the paste to dry.Rinse with cold or Luke warm water. Pat dry. We recommend a PATCH TEST before using this clay for any allergic reaction.






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