with Niacinamide & Alpha- Arbutin.

Blemish Ban – for hyper pigmentation


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A lot of our valuable customers always asked us to make something for a hyper pigmented skin. Hyper-pigmentation is the adamant devil that eats your sanity if you aren’t committed against it! It really tests your patience . It’s nothing wrong in wanting a blemish free skin that radiates health & vigour, may what ever be the colour. Store bought lightening products sell on false claims, And they just don’t work after a certain period of time. with so many requests & a scar of my own, I got back to my research board to find all the traditional ingredients that work wonders against hyper-pigmentation. This formulation has a blend of Shea & Mango butter , which are infused with Liquorice roots, Mango ginger & saffron strands for a couple of months. The active ingredients that are working against all odds in this wonder cream are 3.5 % Niacinamide & Alpha- Arbutin well known for their skin lightening effects.


Product Weight : 40g

6 in stock

Additional Information

Ingredients – Distilled water, Emulsifying wax NF, Stearic Acid, Cetyl Alcohol ,Shea butter & Mango butter infused with liquorice roots, Mango ginger, saffron , Niacinamide & Alpha- arbutin,  EHG-PE-8911, Fragrance oil.

Direction of Usage – Use liberally on a cleansed , toned face, neck & hands at least 20 mins prior to stepping out in the sun Or as a night cream for best results.






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